Joel Fitzgerald on Midnight Lightning

Son of the Sultan interview in DZG Magazine

Five years on and DZG mag from the Land of the Long White Cloud, is alive and well! Massive congratulations to Damaged Goods Magazine (DZG) heralding from New Zealand, for this monumental achievement, we are very happy that print is not dead!

As part of the 5 year anniversary the guys at DZG have put together a issue commemorating the road. Included in this issue are excerpts from an interview with Joel Fitzgerald represent issue 10. Full interview with JF about growing up in North Narrabeen, what it was like traveling with his brother Kye, and father Terry Fitzgerald, why he stared shaping and what he thinks of the future of surfing are all included.

Joel says  it is an honor to be featured and sends a big thank you Skip and Jerry founders of the magazine. Special thank you to Murry Fraser from Sprout Daily and Wilderness Caravan’s whom were responsible for the NZ trip featured in the mag.

Head over to DZG to see the latest issue, or pick up a copy of Issue 20 at your local News agent here in Australia.

Chrystal Dawn

*All photos by Jereme Aubertin (DZG)









Europe Shaping Tour 2016


We are excited to announce that Joel will be shaping in Europe this year with the reputable international team at UWL Workshop France, in late August.

Joel is really excited to get back to Europe and will be  releasing his official dates soon. We are now currently taking orders for Europe, to place your custom order please visit the official JFS and UWL website for France.

Get in early to ensure your order is in the cue! Yew 🙂

*photo above taken by Chris Prestidge

Bleach Festival Mocean Event Burleigh photo by Chrystal Fitzgerald

Mocean at Bleach Festival

(M)Ocean was a part of the 2015 Bleach Festival, held at Burleigh Heads here on Australia’s East Coast on March 22. According to creator, journalist and surfer  Tim Baker, (M)Ocean it is pronounced motion or emotion and is an experimental, cultural form that presents surfing as a performing art, rather than a competitive sport.  When interviewed about (M)Ocean by Swellnet,  Baker said he ‘envisioned a stage to be set up on the point at Burleigh, with live music directed out over the lineup.  A select group of  surfers will all be riding boards from a historic quiver, from solid Hawaiian timber slabs to 16 foot hollow ply toothpicks, balsa malibu, okapis, right through to modern high performance foam and fibreglass and everything in between.  Surfboard collector Carl Tanner has very kindly opened up his collection to us to use on the day, including Michael Peterson’s original board from Morning of the Earth – which is slightly terrifying!’

(M)Ocean went pretty much according to Baker’s vision and on March  22, 2015,  Joel Fitzgerald and myself, joined in the historic Bleach on Burleigh (M)ocean event.  We were excited to be a part of the festivities and drove up the coast from Byron to Burleigh with our friends Leah Dawson and Dave Rastovich.  Surfer Leah Dawson had the honor of riding the MP board, additional traditional and magnificently handcrafted boards were on lend by master craftsman Tom Wegener, whom was also a part of (M)ocean. Joel rode Wegener’s timber board called #1, along side surfing legends Rusty Miller, Wayne Dean, Rabbit Bartholemu, Dave Rastavoich, Neal Purchase Jr., Josh Constable and young guns Ellis EricsonAsher Pacey just to name a few.

The festivities opened with a welcome to country and ceremonial dance by local Aboriginal Australians and talented Didgeridoo player.  Ancient, timeless, cosmic healing vibrations from the ritual were carried by the sea breezes out over the pandamus trees along the black rocks to the surf break and far beyond. The pointy edged buildings of Surfers Paradise a rigid and ominous backdrop to the playful dancers of the sea. Live music played from the stage where the amazing  Band of Frequencies  cosmic waves made the tiny swells surfable.

As surfers moved in and out of the lineup, the Band of Freqs were joined by special guests Dave on the drums, Rusty on harmonica, and Leah. Whom performed some of her original songs, singing as well as playing the uke.  The fantastical event finished up with one man band Kim Chruchill jamming into the night as young and old were moving to the beats of so many beautiful artists in motion. From our hearts to yours, a very big mahalo nui loa for all who turned up to support this expressive experimental festival, and extra gratitude to Tim Baker. Thank you for conceptualizing and bringing into fruition your dream (M)Ocean, we had a blast. Here are a few photos for you all to enjoy.

Chrystal Dawn

All photos by Chrystal Dawn

The Land Of Chapter 2

Chapter two of director Stefan Hunt’s film The Land Of, which features our mates, Ed Worland, Jack Entwistle and Nick Riley. ‘Chapter 2 follows the three to the region of Phuket, an area of Thailand known for its tourism and party scene. Days after arriving the boys find themselves assisting with the relief effort for Bangkok after severe floods hit the capital city. After scoring some fun waves they head north to remote communities where they partner with Waves For Water distributing clean water filters to remote communities. Nick sums up the experience best by saying “We saw a whole other side of Thailand that people don’t see”.
Words by Stefan Hunt
Stay tuned for Chapter 3 where Chrystal and Joel Fitzgerald meet up with Ed, Nick and Jack to do some outer island adventuring and more purposeful traveling.

Wandering Fitzys

Its been a few weeks now and there is much to say, more so we thought we would just share some photos of what Joel Fizgerald and co. have been up to…Lennox, Byron Bay, Cresent Head, and beyond!

Chrystal Dawn

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Suits worn by Chrystal are by the Seea. All photos of Joel and Chrystal Fitzgerald are copyright by Joel Fitzgerald Surfboards and taken by Chrystal Dawn and Joel Fitzgerald.

Tahitian Bliss

Over the years Joel has frequented the Islands of Tahiti many many times, along with his father Terry Fitzgerald, and brother Kye Fitzgerald the three have made very dear friends and unforgettable memories. Summing up a these memories or trips into words is near impossible. As is the case with a trip that Joel and I took to Tahiti last year.

Words do little to communicate or encapsulate the Majesty and true beauty of Tahiti or her people. It is a feeling. The connection to the land and culture is still very much alive. Everything is still Wild and alive there, one false move and you could lose your head. Lose your self in the beauty of the sea, the outer reefs and underwater caves, the rich abundance of fish, fresh fruits, beautiful tan Polynesian skin, smiles, crispy bread sticks, Tahitian limes, hand painted sarongs, colorful music, Polynesian music, tribal ink, rhythmic drums, hips hitting the beats, volcanic craters, coral gardens, cool mountain breezes,  sweet smells of the rainforests and the tastes of raw natural beauty, the nectar of life just oozes out of everything and you can’t help but be in it.

Easy on the eyes, heart, and spirit, Tahiti is. Yet it is like all places of power, an place of reverence, where respect and honor play a vital role in everyday life. Tahitians are strong and proud people. They are creative, intelligent, free spirited people with a keen intuition. In Tahiti as in Hawaii (from my expediences) you must be honest and pay your respects. Otherwise mother Nature, the powers that be and your own karma will put you in your place, pull you up on your distructive behaviors and demand an answer. No easy outs. Yet forgiveness is ever present and part and parcel with the territory.

As our divine Creator had it, on this special journey to these sacred isles, Joel and I were taken in by a wonderful Tahitian family, Ralph and Cathy Ho.  With a mix decent and direct relative to Michale and Derek  Ho in Hawaii, Cathy is a beautiful and talented Tahitian woman. Her aloha is second to none and genuine smile melts away barriers. Cathy makes one of a kind hand crafted jewelry and unique carvings from shells, bone,  and home grown black Tahitian Pearls  cultivated by her husband. Ralph is the epitome of grace and strength, a true gentlemen and an outstanding waterman. He is a leader and in times past would have been a chief.

Ralph and Cathy took us in, shepherded us, shared their home, beautiful family, meals and lives with us. Joel and I had the time of our own lives with them and will never ever forget their generosity and friendship. They saved us from the pension, the express packaged experience we may have had and opened our eyes and souls to the real Tahitian way. We decided to stay on our new Ohana’s island for longer then originally planned, we did not take any photos of the surf in respect to their wishes and way. The only photos we did take in the surf were on an island well known for its surf, with spots already on the ‘map’. The photo’s below help to share what we were blessed with. Our deepest gratitude goes out to Cathy, Ralph and family. Me Ke Aloha, with our Love xx


Chrystal Dawn

Tahiti_ Insta 16 Tahiti_ Insta 18 Tahiti_ Chrystal and Joel Fitzgerald Tahiti_ widow views photo by Chrsytal Fitzgearld DCIM101GOPRO Tahiti_ Insta 26 Tahiti_ JF and Chrurch photo by Chrsytal Fitzgearld Tahiti_ shack photo by Chrsytal Fitzgearld DCIM101GOPRO DCIM101GOPRO DCIM101GOPRO Tahiti_ Insta 31 Tahiti_ Insta 32 Tahiti_ Insta 13 Tahiti_ Insta 12 Tahiti_ Insta 3 Tahiti underwater photo by Joel Fitzgearld Tahiti_ Insta 8 Tahiti_ Insta 6 Tahiti_ Insta 5 Tahiti_ Insta 7All photos by and copy righted by Chrystal Dawn and Joel Fitzgerald.

Joel Fitz shaping 2014

2014 is shaping up to a great start. In between  some research and development for  new crafts,  Joel Fitz has been in the bay shaping new boards and happily filling custom orders.  Talented local photographer Ming Nomchong dropped by and got these tasty shots of JF doing what he loves, and we thought we would share them with you.  To keep your stoke going and give you the inside view of Fitzy in his zone. For more surf inspired living check out Ming’s site:

the Dreamcatcher, new model

All good things come to those who follow their Dreams. Joel Fitzgerald has been dreaming up a storm and what has come to him is magical. Joel wanted a board he could ride through summer and still be able to use in winter. After dreaming, shaping, testing, and refining JF is really excited to share the fruits of his labor with the world. Please welcome the’Dreamcatcher‘ so named for its purpose, catching dreams. It’s  2014 and high time to bring in the new, and live your dreams. Designed for catching waves of all sizes, this board really does make surfing that much more fun.

Harnessing  speed and adding style, predicated upon the classic principals of design for Fish boards the world round, the Dreamcatcher is effortless. Perfect when the surfs small and onshore, yet has heaps of drive for the points when its clean and glassy. The Dreamcatcher comes in a Keel or Quad fin setup. So if your ready to style up your surfing, with out any effort, and bring the summer fun back into your quiver, the Dreamcatcher is your craft.

Do it, fly, take the first step, even if you fail, do it again, do it finless, carefree with love and reckless joy filled abandon what every way you want to just LIVE YOUR DREAMS.

*the boards featured below are  5’9 Double Flyer swallow with quad fin set up, and a Hot Lava resin tint by Matt Yates, the Sea Foam Keel fin also laminated by Matt Yates, is a 5’7, both are dreamy as can be. Put your order in today to start catching your dreams. 🙂

Chrystal and Joel Fitzgerald with Dreamcatchers

dreamcatcher keel dec JF Dreamcatcher double flyer swallow quady

*top photo is of Chrystal and Joel Fitzgerald, Chrystal is wearing the Seea surf suit, photo by Chris Prestidge// Board’s are photographed by Ryan Heywood. Both boards are part of a series being glassed in collaboration with Matt Yates MYC, please do ask us about this coloboration when placing your orders.

Thomas Campbell & the Desert

A couple of months ago,  when Joel Fitzgerald was shaping some boards at the Deus Temple in Bali, he shot over to Lombok with Ryan Burch, Jared Mell, Jessy James, Bryce Young and a few Deus crew to get a swell that was on the rise. Once on the neighboring isle, Joel reunited with his good mate and world renowned painter, sculptor, photographer and filmmaker Thomas Campbell at Desert Point. Young, Harrison Roach and the Deus crew  left the next day in hopes of getting some secret spot, JF, Mell, Burch, James and Campbell stayed put. Posting up for a few days of big windy lefts they enjoyed one another company, some very close encounters with the reef, open face wounds and to many good times to recount.

It was divine timing and although the conditions were not perfect the crowd was and the company unbeatable. Campbell took some great 35mm shots of JF, Burch, & Mell getting a few fun rides. These are a couple of those photos. To see more of Campbell’s art, photography, and films, and find out when he is exhibiting his creative um yeah imaginings near you, go to:

Chrystal Dawn

JF_profile_by Thomas Campbell JF_BT_by Thomas Campbell