End of Year Secondhand board sale

We have a few gems in our end of year secondhand board sale, see our Instock page for more details and be sure to subscribe at the bottom of the page, so your first to know when deals like this come up before they go live!

Happy Holidays!

Boards in order of appearance from L-R in top photo of tails:

Dreamcatcher; 5’3 x 20 7/16 x 2 5/16  black & grey resin tint: $495

Spacehawk; 5’5 x 20 1/2 x 2 1/2 Clear: $440

Tomahawk Channel Bottom; 5’11 x 19 3/4 x 2 5/8  clear: $495

Tomahawk; 6’2 x 19 1/4 x 2 1/2  clear: $495

Bombora; 9’4 x 23 x 3 1/4, sea foam deck with Jumanji bottom : $800



Joel Fitzgerald and Ryan Burch do Desert’s!

Last month Joel Fitz was in Bali shaping some boards at the Deus Temple, as chance would have it a swell jumped up a few days in. Joel, Ryan Burch, Thomas Campbell, Jimmy James and a few others made the trek out to Dessert Point.  To the crew’s surprise it was empty, not perfect but empty none the less.  JF and Burch made the most of the surf that came through and withstood the winds, scoring some epic rides. Carlos aka the Sultan of Spin, a traveling yoga teacher/cameraman put together this short film on the delights of Desert’s being Deserted, featuring Ryan and Joel.

The boards that Fitzy rides through the video are the 6’6 Midnight Lightning in a Black Beauty tint, 7’3 Midnight Lightning with a Matt Yates polished inlay, and a 6’0 Sea Gypsy in Volan by Glassing Division. All models and lamination’s are available on our site.


Water Dancer from Sea Gypsy Films on Vimeo.

Joel Fitzgerald and Chrystal Dawn Fitzgerald in Indonesia for this visual melody WATER DANCER. Whilst traveling they learned that an early Indonesian translation for surfing was to 'Water Dance'. Music by Elmar Moraes. Cover photo to this video was taken by Anthony Dodds. More information on Joel Fitzgerald Surfboards at www.joelfitzgeraldsurfboards.com.

Water Dancer

Water Dancer‘ was filmed and produced by Chrystal Fitzgerald and myself. It is a visual medley of sights and sounds and a tale of adventure from Lombok to Bali. The main surfing sequence is at Uluwatu, the Sea Gypsy is the  board that was ridden.

Sugarmill Sale Success

Thank you to everyone who came down to the Sugarmill Garage Sale this weekend, we appreciate your support, an extra big mahalo to those of you who became new owners of JF boards. It was an awesome day, great people, good food and lots of rad stuff to buy. It is awesome to be a part of a community that cares. There was a epic mix of really talented and creative people, vendors and art. On the day we sold long boards, a love bomb, a square tail Magic Pod and a Barrel Finder. As with the other vendors at the sale, and in the spirit of the movement Garage Sale Trail,  Joel Fitzgerald Surfboards donated a portion of our proceeds to the charity Misfit Aid in support of the amazing work they are doing.  Good stuff! Hope everyone is out getting some surf on their new surfboards, looks to be a good week of wave riding.


Garage & Board Sale at the Sugarmill on Saturday!!!

This Saturday, May 5th from 9am till 5pm at the Sugarmill Fine Surf Emporium in Narrabeen is an opportune time to pick up a new or new to you JF Surfboard.  If you live in the area you may have seen the write up on the Rad sale in the  Manly Daily over the weekend. There will be lots of cool stuff and entertainment. Come down for some fun, bring your baby, lady or pram, check out the boards.  Joel will have a few Fishes, Pods, Logs and Bigboards for sale, great time to pick something up at a discount and put your orders in. See you there!