End of Year Secondhand board sale

We have a few gems in our end of year secondhand board sale, see our Instock page for more details and be sure to subscribe at the bottom of the page, so your first to know when deals like this come up before they go live!

Happy Holidays!

Boards in order of appearance from L-R in top photo of tails:

Dreamcatcher; 5’3 x 20 7/16 x 2 5/16  black & grey resin tint: $495

Spacehawk; 5’5 x 20 1/2 x 2 1/2 Clear: $440

Tomahawk Channel Bottom; 5’11 x 19 3/4 x 2 5/8  clear: $495

Tomahawk; 6’2 x 19 1/4 x 2 1/2  clear: $495

Bombora; 9’4 x 23 x 3 1/4, sea foam deck with Jumanji bottom : $800



Free JFS Singlet with every new Board

Tis the giving season, and for every new board purchased though our website you receive a Free Joel Fitzgerald Surfboards  logo Singlet

How to?

Choose your board, send  us your order and we will get your custom board and singlet out to you asap.

*Valid for new boards/custom-orders placed before Dec.31st 2017, Why wait, put your order in today and make it a very Happy Chrissy!











Joel Fitz Music Video

Elstow new Music Video featuring Joel Fitzgerald and Chrystal Dawn

Elstow Band
If your following our social media links you may have seen the teaser video we posted for Elstow’s hot new single
Elstow according to Elstow are a five-piece band from Sydney’s Inner West, founded on songwriters Jared Shaw and Chel Browne’s obsession with the melodic pop and psychedelic sounds of the sixties and seventies, as well as the alternative neo-psychedelia of the nineties.
What’s the great news?
This talented band have just released a new single for the upcoming album, on which Joel Fitz and Chrystal Dawn collaborated with, basically Jared did the work we just supplied some video footage which he artfully used to create what we think is an epic music video and even more amazing track.
Joel Fitz Music Video
Chrystal caught up with Jared Shaw- Elstow’s co-founder and here is what he had to say…
How long have Elstow have been together as a band?
We’ve been together since 2012. We formed as a duo to play Peats Ridge Festival, and expanded over the following year to five members before releasing our debut EP As the Sun Falls.
And How did you get your name Elstow?

Jared: It’s actually the name of the house we lived in in Sydney. It was an old Victorian home from the late 1800s turned into apartments.. I’m guessing whoever came over and settled there was from Elstow, in England.
It was where the band was born and we just liked the name 🙂

Can you please tell us a bit about your new Album that you have been working on?
After our EP and single Evil Dreams, we took a break to make a full length album together. I wrote all the songs and reworked some old demos and we got together and jammed them out and then started recording them. There’s a lot of 70s sounds in there and I found inspiration in John Wyndam’s science fiction writings as far as thematic and lyrical content. And so Planets Away has ended up a quasi-concept album. Its all tied together by cosmic imagery, but underneath it all there’s some very personal stuff, just hiding beneath the surface.
And this particular Track ‘For So Long’ how did that come about?
For So Long developed slowly. I had an earlier demo that sounded quite different and it was cool but it was just missing something. Toby (my brother and our lead guitarist) rewrote the bass line, and I changed the structure, and the it just transformed into what it is now. It was only going to be a 4 minute track but the outro sounded so cool I just didn’t want it to stop, so we embraced that and let it become its own fully fledged section. The song touches on the idea of immortality, but I don’t like explaining the lyrics too much – I think its cool that people can find their own meaning in it.
We love your music, it has a very ethereal quality to it and we think surfy vibe, curious are you a surfer?
Yes, my parents owned a beach house down near Bells Beach so I learned on our summer holidays way back when
What is your favorite type of board?
I ride a semi-fish mostly, but my favourite board at the moment is a very fast and loose little twin fish I got off someone down the coast recently. Its super fun – its only 4 foot 9!
Favorite phrase or life motto?
Jared: Let the water do the work.

 To find out more about Jared and Elstow check out these links, and watch the music video below, Joel rides the Space Hawk and Chrystal the Bombora.

Music: by Elstow
Album: Planets Away (due to be released 1st Dec)
Track name: For So Long
Video: Chrystal Dawn and Joel Fitzgerald
Edit: Jared Shaw

*top photo of Elstow, interview by Chrystal Dawn for JFS













Joel Fitzgerald on Midnight Lightning

Son of the Sultan interview in DZG Magazine

Five years on and DZG mag from the Land of the Long White Cloud, is alive and well! Massive congratulations to Damaged Goods Magazine (DZG) heralding from New Zealand, for this monumental achievement, we are very happy that print is not dead!

As part of the 5 year anniversary the guys at DZG have put together a issue commemorating the road. Included in this issue are excerpts from an interview with Joel Fitzgerald represent issue 10. Full interview with JF about growing up in North Narrabeen, what it was like traveling with his brother Kye, and father Terry Fitzgerald, why he stared shaping and what he thinks of the future of surfing are all included.

Joel says  it is an honor to be featured and sends a big thank you Skip and Jerry founders of the magazine. Special thank you to Murry Fraser from Sprout Daily and Wilderness Caravan’s whom were responsible for the NZ trip featured in the mag.

Head over to DZG to see the latest issue, or pick up a copy of Issue 20 at your local News agent here in Australia.

Chrystal Dawn

*All photos by Jereme Aubertin (DZG)









Ozzy Wrong_Deserts_JoelFitzgeraldTomahwak

Desert Point Indulgence with Ozzy Wrong and his Tomahawk

On his recent adventure Ozzy Wright surfed his  6’8″ Tomahawk at one of the worlds longest and gnarliest left handers in the world- Desert Point, Indonesia . The photos and stories of which are slowly being released. We are excited to share a look though photographer Diogo d’Orey lens here.

Waterman and photographer Diogo d’Orey had the following to say on his recent Magicseaweed photo story “Ozzie was riding a 6’8 Joel Fitzgerald twin fin and was going faster then anyone out there he would fit himself on the mid-size ones and just make wave after wave the longest/fastest barrels of the day.”

Ozzie sure is one of a kind, talented, super stoked and ever humble, it is a true delight and honor to be collaborating with him, even more so to see Ozzie still frothing like a grom and doing what he loves. Surfing, Art and Rock & Roll!!

Artwork on board is a colab between Ozzy (inner cosmic rainbow waves) and  Otis Carey (indigenous Australian designs on outer edge). You can see more photos from this trip on Magicseaweed. To see full specs on Tomahawk click here.


OzzyWright_JF_Tomahawk Ozzy Wrong_Deserts_JoelFitzgeraldTomahwak Desert Point Wave


Ride the Rainbow with Ozzie Wright

Ride the Rainbow


The true romance that underlines our creative expression between surfing and art would be lost without the courage to follow your heart and Ride the rainbow !


Ozzie has been lighting up the world with his own unique style of art from a very young age. His works range from the Anti Bad Vibes slogans to death punk rock goth eagles snakes and fun drawings from all dimensions. His art has covered album covers posters books skate boards surf boards and hats shirts and all sorts of paraphernalia. There is no box for this creative soul his passion flows through every brush stroke or wave of his hand to brighten up the blank canvas we call life !


The house of simple pleasures, Ozzie with his new board ready to ride !


Myley Grace Fitzgerald and Ozzie are both parents of there two beautiful children. Rocky 8 and Goldie 2 1/2. When you get a break there is nothing like sitting down and crafting together..


Creative ideas come like a soft breeze for Ozzie. He never struggles to have fun and open the channels of creative freedom. His vision was something we shared from the first time he mentioned we should make some boards.  The concept was to develop our own collection of boards that would be like nothing else out there ! This was true to the Hot Buttered Surfboard Range by Terry Fitz and Martin Worthington. Ozzie sent me a photo of a image he really liked of two guys sitting with these amazing twin fins and a singe fin. He said we are going to do this ! If there was anyone that could take on such a challenge I am sure Ozzie and Myself would be the ones to give it a go ! The collection that Terry and Martin put together could never be replicated but what we found through this undertaking is that we have our own unique style of art and surfing. The best thing is we get to surf these beautiful boards and and have fun doing something we love.


Ozzies creative flair and vision materialized through this psychedelic creation of pumping Lennox point with eagle serpent and rainbow in the cosmic sky.


Two Birds one stone and serpent in space ! Wow


Double wing swallow with twin fin and stabilizer


Riding the rainbow of art and surf culture by creative spirit Ozzie Wright.


Photographing boards is always fun.


Nothing beats creating your own boards and getting to surf them  ! Ozzie Pads up with Gorilla Surf signature grip.

To order a SPACE HAWK  or see more click here.

Surfing World Camp

Five days left till the Surfing World Camp at Treachery in Seal Rocks on our own Mid North Coast.  If you don’t already know about it, this awesome event will feature live music from The Babe Rainbow and Mylee and the Milkshakes, hangs with your favorite surfboard shapers, including Joel Fitzgerald, sessions experimenting with boards, yoga and meditation workshops, surf coaching, live art, Surfing World crew, a few pros, and heaps of good folk sharing the surfing stoke.

The camp goes down on April 24th– 26th, 2015 and tickets are available now.

We hope you come and be a part of this adventure Joel and Chrystal Fitzgerald will be there with boards for you to try, smiles, and good campfire vibes!


*Photo of Joel Fitz with his hand shaped and glassed quiver in Hawaii, taken by Chrystal Fitzgerald.

1968 Old Log

We have been developing and refining this smooth new, ‘old mal’ for about a year now, working to get it just right. With much enthusiasm and stoke Joel Fitz’s would like to introduce to the public the 1968. Inspired by traditional old mals from the late 60’s, and with design help form exceptional surfer, water man Mr. Brett Caller (whom has worked with, and ridden boards for shapers such as Sage Joske, Thomas Bexon, and Chris Christensen) . The 1968 is a perfect Summer board, ideal for all all you single fin lovers who enjoy smooth glides, trims and and nose rides.

Photos here are of JFS team rider Chrystal Fitzgerald on the 1968 for women’s swimwear label The Seea, all photos are taken by Ming Nomchong. To see more photos of Chrystal on the 1968 log check out The Drifter Blog post: http://thedrifter.me/seea-x-the-drifter/

Chrystal Dawn

www.mingnomchong.com www.mingnomchong.com www.mingnomchong.com www.mingnomchong.com www.mingnomchong.com www.mingnomchong.com


Byron Bay Surf Festival 2014

It is that exciting time of the year again where all things surf culture, creative and healthy converge  here in sunny Byron Bay Australia. Joel Fitzgerald and team are really excited and grateful to be sharing the love of the sea and crafts to ride with this community again at the Byron Bay Surf Festival.  We will have a stall in the middle of the festival, with some very creative new shapes that JF has been secretly working on.

On Saturday 25th, look out for the giant Dream Catchers and colorful retro vibe to come and meet the sharper for yourself at the Artisan’s and Surf market, or try out a board at the shapers exhibition on Sunday at Watagos beach. There will be a free shuttle bus going between Clarks beach car park and Watagos every half hour, so park and ride is by far the best option.

Joel will be in the surfing events on Sunday and have a markee set up on the beach, with boards for you to try, as well as for use in the surfing demonstrations.  Single Fins, our classic 7’7 ML42 and new Log the 1968, amongst others. The festival kicks off today with the Australia premier of “Beyond the Surface” a movie by our friends Crystal and Dave Homcy featuring local lady slider Lauren L Hill, India’s first recognized female surfer Ishita Malaviya, Liz Clark and others. Bring the family and make a weekend of it!