Joel Fitzgerald on Midnight Lightning

Son of the Sultan interview in DZG Magazine

Five years on and DZG mag from the Land of the Long White Cloud, is alive and well! Massive congratulations to Damaged Goods Magazine (DZG) heralding from New Zealand, for this monumental achievement, we are very happy that print is not dead!

As part of the 5 year anniversary the guys at DZG have put together a issue commemorating the road. Included in this issue are excerpts from an interview with Joel Fitzgerald represent issue 10. Full interview with JF about growing up in North Narrabeen, what it was like traveling with his brother Kye, and father Terry Fitzgerald, why he stared shaping and what he thinks of the future of surfing are all included.

Joel says  it is an honor to be featured and sends a big thank you Skip and Jerry founders of the magazine. Special thank you to Murry Fraser from Sprout Daily and Wilderness Caravan’s whom were responsible for the NZ trip featured in the mag.

Head over to DZG to see the latest issue, or pick up a copy of Issue 20 at your local News agent here in Australia.

Chrystal Dawn

*All photos by Jereme Aubertin (DZG)









Chrystal Dawn in NALU Magazine

Our own lady of the lens and team rider Chrystal Dawn is featured in the latest volume of Nalu Magazine.  Nalu is well established and reputable Japanese longboarding magazine. Dawn is featured in vol. 104 with her JFS quiver accompanying an interview by Hiromi Shibasaki, about Chrystal’s passion driven life.

Photos of Chrystal surfing are by Joel Fitzgerald, and JFS is excited to share this news and congratulate Chrystal on not only being featured as a surfer, but also as a photographer with 21 of her photos printed in the magazine in articles including a feature about the Byron Bay Surf Festival 2017.

Check out Nalu online and comment for questions on Dawn’s quiver, or head over to her website for more on women’s surfing, yoga and natural health.










the Dreamcatcher, new model

All good things come to those who follow their Dreams. Joel Fitzgerald has been dreaming up a storm and what has come to him is magical. Joel wanted a board he could ride through summer and still be able to use in winter. After dreaming, shaping, testing, and refining JF is really excited to share the fruits of his labor with the world. Please welcome the’Dreamcatcher‘ so named for its purpose, catching dreams. It’s  2014 and high time to bring in the new, and live your dreams. Designed for catching waves of all sizes, this board really does make surfing that much more fun.

Harnessing  speed and adding style, predicated upon the classic principals of design for Fish boards the world round, the Dreamcatcher is effortless. Perfect when the surfs small and onshore, yet has heaps of drive for the points when its clean and glassy. The Dreamcatcher comes in a Keel or Quad fin setup. So if your ready to style up your surfing, with out any effort, and bring the summer fun back into your quiver, the Dreamcatcher is your craft.

Do it, fly, take the first step, even if you fail, do it again, do it finless, carefree with love and reckless joy filled abandon what every way you want to just LIVE YOUR DREAMS.

*the boards featured below are  5’9 Double Flyer swallow with quad fin set up, and a Hot Lava resin tint by Matt Yates, the Sea Foam Keel fin also laminated by Matt Yates, is a 5’7, both are dreamy as can be. Put your order in today to start catching your dreams. 🙂

Chrystal and Joel Fitzgerald with Dreamcatchers

dreamcatcher keel dec JF Dreamcatcher double flyer swallow quady

*top photo is of Chrystal and Joel Fitzgerald, Chrystal is wearing the Seea surf suit, photo by Chris Prestidge// Board’s are photographed by Ryan Heywood. Both boards are part of a series being glassed in collaboration with Matt Yates MYC, please do ask us about this coloboration when placing your orders.

bombora! bombora!

Bombora! Bombora! Here are some of my latest Bombora boards….

Volan Glass, Pin Tail Bombora

Volan glass Pin Tail Bombora bak

Square Tail Bombora,Teal/Orange glass

Square Tail Bombora, Teal/Orange glass back

Pin Tail Bombora, Fusion

all boards are shaped by me Joel Fitz, photos taken by CJF at the Sugarmill.

Freshie with Sprout Daily

Sunsets is my favorite time of day. I just love the light, so does my mate Murry. We met up for a splash down at Fresh water beach one arvo for that magic hour before dusk.

Quadfins and the Owl log

art by Caspian de Looze

time to get in for a splash

All photos are taken by Murry Fraser from Sprout Daily. Artwork of the Madonna on my board is by Caspian de Looze.