Ozzy Wrong_Deserts_JoelFitzgeraldTomahwak

Desert Point Indulgence with Ozzy Wrong and his Tomahawk

On his recent adventure Ozzy Wright surfed his  6’8″ Tomahawk at one of the worlds longest and gnarliest left handers in the world- Desert Point, Indonesia . The photos and stories of which are slowly being released. We are excited to share a look though photographer Diogo d’Orey lens here.

Waterman and photographer Diogo d’Orey had the following to say on his recent Magicseaweed photo story “Ozzie was riding a 6’8 Joel Fitzgerald twin fin and was going faster then anyone out there he would fit himself on the mid-size ones and just make wave after wave the longest/fastest barrels of the day.”

Ozzie sure is one of a kind, talented, super stoked and ever humble, it is a true delight and honor to be collaborating with him, even more so to see Ozzie still frothing like a grom and doing what he loves. Surfing, Art and Rock & Roll!!

Artwork on board is a colab between Ozzy (inner cosmic rainbow waves) and  Otis Carey (indigenous Australian designs on outer edge). You can see more photos from this trip on Magicseaweed. To see full specs on Tomahawk click here.


OzzyWright_JF_Tomahawk Ozzy Wrong_Deserts_JoelFitzgeraldTomahwak Desert Point Wave


ROAR profile Chrystal Fitzgerald

Rebel on a Rainbow

Chrystal Dawn and Joel Fitzgerald were in Bali last year  shaping and designing boards at the Deus Temple of Enthusiasm when they met Jess and Jonny Dustow.  The Dustows are two soulful vanlife adventurers from Rebel on a Rainbow or ROAR. They were enjoying the warm Indonesian waters andtraveling inter island when they met the Fitzgerald’s. The four connected straight away.  Instant kinship and sense of mutual appreciation for all things creative, salted and free were present. C & JF enjoyed sharing their creative board making processes at the Temple with ROAR and thought it a most serendipitous encounter.

When you meet good people you stay in touch, and usually your paths cross again. It is some kind of law of friendship that our divine universe has. Since returning to Australia Chrystal and Joel have kept in contact with ROAR. Enjoying the blog, website, and video channels ROAR keep as well as sharing on emails here and there. JFS have a deep appreciation for these like minded individuals living the dream, treading lightly, giving back and uplifting others.

Recently ROAR connected and did a Profile on Chrystal, her experiences, creativity and passions. It is an honor for Chrystal to be profiled by ROAR and we are happy to be sharing this good news with you.  Please take a moment to find out a bit more about our nature child, whom is responsible for much of  the color/fabric inlay combos, creative designs and heaps more here at Joel Fitzgerald Surfboards. Pop over to the ROAR site and read their Profile on Chrystal today.

Happy Travels Fellow Dreamers!

Jonny and Jess Dustow Rebel on a Rainbow

Surfing World mag article on Joel and Terry Fitz

We’ve been slack at posting blogs but that’s just what happens when your moving factories and shaping boards, not to mention getting a few barrels here and there. If you have a chance to pick up the latest Surfing World Magazine, Issue 341 to be exact, you will find a tasty article on Joel and his father Terrry Fitzgerald.  Nathan Myers writer/filmmaker whom Joel traveled with and worked on the Sev7en Signs film shoot with in Indonesia,  wrote the story and did a darn good job of it. Told though a Q&A the piece is loaded with great info and insights on the Fitzy’s long standing relationship with Indonesia, travel, shaping and riding Single Fins.  The article also starts with a photo of Joel doing a Fitzy signature bottom turn taken by his wife Chrystal Fitzgerald.

Pick up the mag at your local news agent, or buy it online to see the whole thing, here’s a sneak peak to get you frothing! Happy Friday!


jf_surfing world issue 341


*Joel Fitzgerald on his 6’8 Midnight Lightning Single Fin, photo by Chrystal Fitzgerald

Surfing Life Magazine on Joel Fitz and the Sev7en Signs trip

Issue 299 Aug 2013 of Surfing Life Magazine has published an article by surf journalist/filmmaker Nathan Myers on a recent trip Joel Fitzgerald and Harrison Roach embarked on, as part of the new Taylor Steel film Sev7en Signs. Both Fitzy and Roach rode single fin’s and got epic barrels. Photographer Anthony Dodd from Deus Ex Machina, film maker Jaoa Rito and team along with Myers were  on the trip as well.  In the article Myers recounts  the journey eloquently with a mad sense of humor, making it a good read with lots of laughs. If you haven’t already got a copy of Surfing Life’s latest issue, have a read though below. Joel rode his own shapes during the trip. Opting for his 6’8 and 7’3 Midnight Lightening wing pin Swallow tail most often. You can purchase the mag online to see full article.


Temple of Enthusiasm

Joel Fitzgerald has been in Indonesia for the past month and a half shaping boards, exploring new coastlines and riding waves. Hosted by the great team at Deus Ex Machina in Canggu, Joel has shaped custom orders, team boards and stock orders for Deus international establishments all at the Temple of Enthusiasm.

JF worked  with and alongside an awesome team consisting of radical resident glasser Victor, talented media team, creative genius and GM D-Hump, photographer Anthony Dodds and all the other amazing people who keep the place purring. The orders for Deus have now been completed and are in the Canggu shop in Bali, some in Japan, others soon to be on their way to Deus locations in Santa Monica USA, and Sydney Australia. The range consists of Sea Gypsy’s, Midnight Lightning, Speed Monkeys  and others mostly single fins.

Joel is now en-route back to Byron Bay to work on his custom orders and take up residency at the Pass once again. More Indonesia stories and photos are to come. Enjoy these below taken by Anthony Dodds.


Chrystal Dawn

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