Ozzy Wrong_Deserts_JoelFitzgeraldTomahwak

Desert Point Indulgence with Ozzy Wrong and his Tomahawk

On his recent adventure Ozzy Wright surfed his  6’8″ Tomahawk at one of the worlds longest and gnarliest left handers in the world- Desert Point, Indonesia . The photos and stories of which are slowly being released. We are excited to share a look though photographer Diogo d’Orey lens here.

Waterman and photographer Diogo d’Orey had the following to say on his recent Magicseaweed photo story “Ozzie was riding a 6’8 Joel Fitzgerald twin fin and was going faster then anyone out there he would fit himself on the mid-size ones and just make wave after wave the longest/fastest barrels of the day.”

Ozzie sure is one of a kind, talented, super stoked and ever humble, it is a true delight and honor to be collaborating with him, even more so to see Ozzie still frothing like a grom and doing what he loves. Surfing, Art and Rock & Roll!!

Artwork on board is a colab between Ozzy (inner cosmic rainbow waves) and  Otis Carey (indigenous Australian designs on outer edge). You can see more photos from this trip on Magicseaweed. To see full specs on Tomahawk click here.


OzzyWright_JF_Tomahawk Ozzy Wrong_Deserts_JoelFitzgeraldTomahwak Desert Point Wave


Joel Fitzgerald and Ryan Burch do Desert’s!

Last month Joel Fitz was in Bali shaping some boards at the Deus Temple, as chance would have it a swell jumped up a few days in. Joel, Ryan Burch, Thomas Campbell, Jimmy James and a few others made the trek out to Dessert Point.  To the crew’s surprise it was empty, not perfect but empty none the less.  JF and Burch made the most of the surf that came through and withstood the winds, scoring some epic rides. Carlos aka the Sultan of Spin, a traveling yoga teacher/cameraman put together this short film on the delights of Desert’s being Deserted, featuring Ryan and Joel.

The boards that Fitzy rides through the video are the 6’6 Midnight Lightning in a Black Beauty tint, 7’3 Midnight Lightning with a Matt Yates polished inlay, and a 6’0 Sea Gypsy in Volan by Glassing Division. All models and lamination’s are available on our site.