Joel Fitz Music Video

Elstow new Music Video featuring Joel Fitzgerald and Chrystal Dawn

Elstow Band
If your following our social media links you may have seen the teaser video we posted for Elstow’s hot new single
Elstow according to Elstow are a five-piece band from Sydney’s Inner West, founded on songwriters Jared Shaw and Chel Browne’s obsession with the melodic pop and psychedelic sounds of the sixties and seventies, as well as the alternative neo-psychedelia of the nineties.
What’s the great news?
This talented band have just released a new single for the upcoming album, on which Joel Fitz and Chrystal Dawn collaborated with, basically Jared did the work we just supplied some video footage which he artfully used to create what we think is an epic music video and even more amazing track.
Joel Fitz Music Video
Chrystal caught up with Jared Shaw- Elstow’s co-founder and here is what he had to say…
How long have Elstow have been together as a band?
We’ve been together since 2012. We formed as a duo to play Peats Ridge Festival, and expanded over the following year to five members before releasing our debut EP As the Sun Falls.
And How did you get your name Elstow?

Jared: It’s actually the name of the house we lived in in Sydney. It was an old Victorian home from the late 1800s turned into apartments.. I’m guessing whoever came over and settled there was from Elstow, in England.
It was where the band was born and we just liked the name 🙂

Can you please tell us a bit about your new Album that you have been working on?
After our EP and single Evil Dreams, we took a break to make a full length album together. I wrote all the songs and reworked some old demos and we got together and jammed them out and then started recording them. There’s a lot of 70s sounds in there and I found inspiration in John Wyndam’s science fiction writings as far as thematic and lyrical content. And so Planets Away has ended up a quasi-concept album. Its all tied together by cosmic imagery, but underneath it all there’s some very personal stuff, just hiding beneath the surface.
And this particular Track ‘For So Long’ how did that come about?
For So Long developed slowly. I had an earlier demo that sounded quite different and it was cool but it was just missing something. Toby (my brother and our lead guitarist) rewrote the bass line, and I changed the structure, and the it just transformed into what it is now. It was only going to be a 4 minute track but the outro sounded so cool I just didn’t want it to stop, so we embraced that and let it become its own fully fledged section. The song touches on the idea of immortality, but I don’t like explaining the lyrics too much – I think its cool that people can find their own meaning in it.
We love your music, it has a very ethereal quality to it and we think surfy vibe, curious are you a surfer?
Yes, my parents owned a beach house down near Bells Beach so I learned on our summer holidays way back when
What is your favorite type of board?
I ride a semi-fish mostly, but my favourite board at the moment is a very fast and loose little twin fish I got off someone down the coast recently. Its super fun – its only 4 foot 9!
Favorite phrase or life motto?
Jared: Let the water do the work.

 To find out more about Jared and Elstow check out these links, and watch the music video below, Joel rides the Space Hawk and Chrystal the Bombora.

Music: by Elstow
Album: Planets Away (due to be released 1st Dec)
Track name: For So Long
Video: Chrystal Dawn and Joel Fitzgerald
Edit: Jared Shaw

*top photo of Elstow, interview by Chrystal Dawn for JFS













Wood Sniffer by Stone and Wood

Check out this touching short film by Stone and Wood, about our talented friend Andy Ceglinksi, a fifth generation master craftsman and ‘Wood Sniffer’, Andy is the founder and proprietor at Wooden Anchor-a family owned, environmentally conscious sawmill and timber business which is home to the growing collaboration project Wood Surf Co and Galapagos fins among others.

*Joel Fitz rides his timber 7’0 Sea Gypsy , the Gypsy along with some of the other timber boards featured are JFS original board designs in collaboration with Wood Surf Co. The surfing section is chock full epic water footage from our friend Mick Waters so be sure to check it out and tell us what you think.

Production: Dane Pitman & Jasmin Daly
Director/DOP/Editor: Pete Rogers (Cape Productions)
Water Footage: Mick Waters
Music: MT Warning
Sound Design: Jordan Power
Colour Grade: Tim Wreyford
Board Designs: Joel Fitzgerald & Dana Watson.
Legends: Stan Ceglinski & Family
Surfers: Joel Fitzgerald, Dana Watson, Andy Ceglinksi

*Featured image of Joel provided by Stone and Wood

Byron Bay Surf Festival 2014

It is that exciting time of the year again where all things surf culture, creative and healthy converge  here in sunny Byron Bay Australia. Joel Fitzgerald and team are really excited and grateful to be sharing the love of the sea and crafts to ride with this community again at the Byron Bay Surf Festival.  We will have a stall in the middle of the festival, with some very creative new shapes that JF has been secretly working on.

On Saturday 25th, look out for the giant Dream Catchers and colorful retro vibe to come and meet the sharper for yourself at the Artisan’s and Surf market, or try out a board at the shapers exhibition on Sunday at Watagos beach. There will be a free shuttle bus going between Clarks beach car park and Watagos every half hour, so park and ride is by far the best option.

Joel will be in the surfing events on Sunday and have a markee set up on the beach, with boards for you to try, as well as for use in the surfing demonstrations.  Single Fins, our classic 7’7 ML42 and new Log the 1968, amongst others. The festival kicks off today with the Australia premier of “Beyond the Surface” a movie by our friends Crystal and Dave Homcy featuring local lady slider Lauren L Hill, India’s first recognized female surfer Ishita Malaviya, Liz Clark and others. Bring the family and make a weekend of it!



Not all boards are created the same, the  ML:42 is such a case. Created after a trip to inner limits of pure bliss and extra ordinary fun, shape shifter Joel Fitzgerald has come up with another unique craft built for your gliding pleasure. At 7’7 the ML:42 Mid Length singlefin, is the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe, and every wave in between.

Now as you savvy board riders already know life in the universe is not always sunny and bright, but we don’t get down and bitter about how small the waves are, and how it always rains on the weekends, why we didn’t get a closer park, and have to wear crazy rubber suits, we just get on with things, pull on our wetties, wax up and get in.

Se La Vie, such is life. Whether its sunny and pumping or gray and small the universe goes on and so does JF. I think he’s figured something out because he’s always in a good mood lately and takes that ML:42 with him everywhere, it never leaves his sight. Well if I had the answer to the universe I would hang on to it too!

Here are a few pics of JF on a less then perfect day enjoying the benefits of being content with life no matter the circumstances or conditions. To enjoy this kind of inner peace and get though the inbetweeness of the short and the long check out the new ML:42


Chrystal Dawn

ML42_lennox sml 1  ML42_lennox sml 4 ML42_lennox sml 9 ML42_lennox sml 10 ML42_lennox sml 12 ML42_lennox sml 5 ML42_lennox sml 6 ML42_lennox sml 7 ML42_lennox sml 8 ML42_lennox sml 2  Joel Fitz bottom turn on the ML;42 ML42_lennox sml 11 ML42_lennox sml 13

*all photos are taken and copyright by Chrystal Dawn

Long Weekend Points

Welcome back from the double dose of long weekends and some pretty fun swell. Besides being in the bay and shaping up new single fin crafts, Joel Fitz and Chrystal enjoyed the festivities in the sea.  Here is a sweet look at what we got up to.


Chrystal Dawn

Wave by Chrystal Fitzgerald Wave by Chrystal Fitzgerald Waves by Chrystla Fitzgerald JF 7'10 Midnight Lightning photo by Chrystal Fitzgerald goose over water photo by Chrystal Fitzgerald Joel Fitz setting up photo by Chrystal Fitzgerld JF grab rail photo by Chrystal Fitzgerald JF grab rail2 photo by Chrystal Fitzgerald Sets by Chrystal Fitzgerald JF dropping in photo by Chrystal Fitzgerald JF setting up photo by Chrystal Fitzgerald JF top turn photo by Chrystal Fitzgerald JF bottom turn photo by Chrystal Fitzgerald JF bottom turn2 photo by Chrystal Fitzgerald JF taking the high line photo by Chrystal Fitzgerald JF paddling back out photo by Chrystal Fitzgerald Birds in Migration photo by Chrystal Fitzgerald Joel Fizt photo by Chrystal JF Turning back in Photo by Chrystal Fitzgerald Chrystal Fizt and the 7'7 photo by Joel Fitzgerald Chrystal Fizt and the 7'7 photo by Joel FitzgeraldChrystal Fizt and the 7'7 photo by Joel Fitzgerald Open Lineup photo by Chrystal Fitzgerald

*Photos copyrighted by Chrystal Dawn and Joel Fitzgerald, Chrystal wears the Seea San O’ suit and rides 7’7 Single Fin, Joel wears Patagonia and Tiki and rides 7’10 Midnight Lightning all boards pictured are available for custom order.

Vignettes of the Slide video


The Vignettes of the Slide is a project team rider Chrystal Dawn started last year. In her words:

Vignettes of a Slide is a film and multi media project for and about the love of the sea and the joy of the glide from a woman’s perspective. Snapshots of the dream scape and culture that we live and slide in. The Vignettes are short films or scenes that focus on one moment or give an impression about a surfer, place, idea, wave, or board, these moments are self contained and yet make up a whole from which ‘Vignettes of the Slide‘ is organically growing, and ever evolving. Our mission is to capture and share moments of joy, wonder and fun from the surf to the sky with others who are interested. We seek to grow and inspire, create and express our love for life, for the sea and all the wonderful life in it, as well as to help connect women who surf to one another.”

VOS first video installment is a short film titled ‘the Duette‘ featuring surfers Lauren L Hill and Maddie Gross long boarding in Byron Bay. The two women share briefly on what it means to be women, what they do to maintain their connection to their nature and the wild. All filming and editing by Chrystal, some music by Mylee Grace and Ozzy Wrong. Maddie rides a 9’2 single fin Bombora log.

Have a watch of the link above, to check out more on VOS visit:


Quiver shot

Since moving to the far north coast, Joel’s been busy, shaping, researching, designing,  refining and getting back to basics with a simple good life. When he’s not in the shaping bay he’s out testing each craft and as the Goodwins say, slowing him self down. Indicative of the Byron shire life is the off the gird lifestyle, a veggie patch, water tank, worm farm, and good ol shed. Our mates have all of that and an old Queenslander to got with it. We set up at their farm one arvo with as many boards as could fit across the tin shed. As you know every surfer, is working toward, has or dreams of a good quiver, here is Joel’s. As an added bonus  we have included a break down of each board pictured,  all words and thoughts by Joel Fitz himself, enjoy!

Joel Fitzgerald Surfboard Quiver

Joel Fitzgerald Quiver shot with Chrystal Fitz

::Description of the Boards pictured from Left to Right of this photo:

5’10 Magic Pod.

This is a quad set up with a sexy round tail. I have been using this board for three years. Fastest board I have ever ridden. Well not quite there is the original yellow 5’10 swallow at the end of the line in this pic against the shed. The magic pod has a flat rocker with a single concave and if it works don’t try and fix it.


7’0, 6’8, 6’8 Midnight Lightning

The Midnight Lightning boards have been designed around the early 70’s wing pin Hot Buttered Boards that my father Terry Fitzgerald has been shaping for some 40 years. The original outline has proven the test of time and I am still using these rail lines in my single fin collection. I have found that by lowering the nose entry the speed is pushed forward and you can ride high on the nose. I like to extend the curve through the tail and open it up for some really big turns. I like a single to double concave or I push a double right through the whole board.


9’2 Mystic

Well if you want to get serious about your surfing then you better get a log. These boards were designed around Robin Gato Heroi Kegal daggers that made there way to the shores of Manly. The Mystic is super pointed nose and tail it has a single tri plane concave in the nose with a hard vee in front of the back fin. Super fast speed killers.


9’0 Bombora

The Bombora got its name from Sydney’s Queens Cliff Bombora. There was a huge 15ft swell in winter and my only board in the car at the time was an 8’11×20 ¾x 2 ¾ long board that I shaped from a Barry Bennet 60’s blank. I felt like Greg Knoll taking on the Makaha or Waimea Bay. I was watching the swells standing on the beach with short shorts on and a log under arm and I had these flashing images of Knoll standing there at the pipe pondering, am I crazy. I was humbled by a 45minute paddle out through the shore break and a long walk of shame up the beach to paddle out at kitty’s corner. This surf changed my life and dropping into that first wave at the Queens Cliff Bombora on that log was such a thrill. My appreciation for board’s big small and all sizes has grown since this day and the designs from these boards from the 50’s 60’s and 70’s can teach me a little about where the designs came from and how to build surfboards for today’s surfers and conditions.


9’1 Sky Bird

This is my 9’1 triple stringer that I have wanted to shape for some time now. All the right templates and boards of reference came to me to make this magical board. I found a Barry Kanaiapuni that Derek Hynd brought back from Hawaii and 8’6 Dick Brewer that Murry Fraser got of Dick himself. So with some designs passed down from the elders I went to work on my own craft. With the right blank and a lot of planning I started to see this board come to life. I actually rounded the pin more like the Brewer as the BK was like a spear and might shoot me off into another galaxy. Glassed in Volan by my mate Shoey Glassing Division.


7’3 Midnight Lightning

Glassed by my mate, shaper and laminator Matty Yeates. One of the many benefits of living in the Byron Shire is being around enthusiastic and creative people like Yates. His laminated bolt designs are inlayed and polished and made with more love then you could give you mum. Happy to have one of this bolts of my own.


Sea Gypsy 7’0 x 2

This is a mid length for the high line and glide. There is no trying with the Gypsy she will surf and turn for you. This board was a challenge to get right and I did got a lot of influence from Ian Chisholm, South Coast Surfboards. More fun then you could imagine on any wave any day anywhere. 2+1 fin set up.


Dream Catcher

Quad or sometimes friction free or keel fin set up. It’s a fun board plenty of thickness and really fast. It has a super hard rail and single concave. Matty Yeates glassed this one and it looks awesome. These boards are a dream at the Pass.


Alia Ancient Craft

This beauty was shaped by Teal Nippard of Ancient Craft and it flys! Good length and classic shape, a must have in any quiver to keep your core switched on, and take your surfing to new heights.


6’3 Midnight Lightning

Clouds in the sky board, I shaped this is one especially for my brother Kye. He likes the traditional boards. It has a hard vee and is really thick. Looking forward to getting him on this modified version of the Midnight Lightning soon.


5’10 Sea Gypsy.

This particular size is my favorite 2+1 Sea Gypsy. I rode this one at Desert Point last year and surfed it in Seven Signs through indo. It is my everyday board, I love the 2 + 1 set up as you can widen the tail and even round the tail to open it up and make it easy to turn. It has a huge double through the board and nice full rails. Super thin in the tail, makes it tough for fin boxes but the reward is great.


5’7, Love Bomb

Keel fin with a closed tail. Deep single, made this one at the temple in Bali for Chrystal. Super fun on the points and beach breaks.


5’7 Dream Catch

The Keel fin swallow is a board I made for Chrystal that will keep her loose in the pocket and speeding down the line at the pass in Byron Bay. The orange keel fins were hand made by a good friend Wizz from Mc Tavish and the board was glassed by MYC. There is a great feeling of support in the industry here in Byron. We all share one thing in common, hand bloody made and not from China.


5’10. The original quad fish.

One of my first fishes, its still my favorite and I am surfing it once again. The fastest board I have ever made, and the base of all my short board and fishes.


5’9 Speed Monkey

This is a great little twin that Chrystal rides. Chrystal has an exceptional eye for design and color with fabric inlays and tints and fins, I appreciate her influence in and out of the water. The Speed Monkey was also designed with the help of my mate for Beau Young, inspired by one of his favorite a Donald Takayama boards that Huncho shaped for him.



The most fun you can have laying down, well almost. Hand shaped on the Northern Beaches of Sydney by Rob Monty at Chrystal Mountain Surfboards. Rob is a very dear friend of ours, and made Chrystal and I a board each. Made with Love and hand drawn logo, you just don’t come across this kind of one off treasure anywhere. Check out his site: or on instagram: crystalmountainsurfboards


6’5 Barrel Finder with six Channels and Round Tail

Can’t beat a good old trusty tri fin 6 channel. This one is glassed strong as you don’t want to break your favorite board in 6 ft surf. I was influenced a lot by Rod Dahlberg and his incredible channel bottoms through my professional career. Thanks Rod for your amazing boards.

That’s my Quiver minus a few that didn’t fit across the shed, I’ll save those for another day!

QUIVER_SMALL 11 Joel Fitzgerald Quiver shot setting up 2   QUIVER_SMALL 10 Joel Fitzgerald Quiver shot Chrystal Fitz Joel Fitzgerald Quiver shot small boards  QUIVER_SMALL 6  QUIVER_SMALL 5

Photo’s by Chrystal and Joel Fitzgerald, photo of Chrystal and Joel together is taken by Michael Hodgson, a big thank you to Daniel, Hodge and mates for letting us set up at your rad shed. Chrystal wears the Seea suit, a Fallenbrokenstreet Hat and Bahgsu Jewels, Joel wears Saltys Short Supply shirt and shorts with a vintage hat from Alaska.

Wandering Fitzys

Its been a few weeks now and there is much to say, more so we thought we would just share some photos of what Joel Fizgerald and co. have been up to…Lennox, Byron Bay, Cresent Head, and beyond!

Chrystal Dawn

red rock for insta 25red rock for insta 26red rock for insta 27 red rock for insta 23 red rock for insta 22 red rock for insta 21 red rock for insta 19 creso 1 creso 2 creso 3 lennox wolf pack 9 chrystalwalks cj_pass

Suits worn by Chrystal are by the Seea. All photos of Joel and Chrystal Fitzgerald are copyright by Joel Fitzgerald Surfboards and taken by Chrystal Dawn and Joel Fitzgerald.


Around these parts an afternoon at the local loggin point break in Byron Bay is referred to as a ‘Passternoon’.  The Pass gets crowded anytime and nearly all the time but its always a laugh. If your lucky you can get a wave straight to the beach, now that’s saying something as the Pass is nearly a kilometer long! The Bomboar and the Mystic are epic craft for the Pass. Here is a snap shot of  Chrystal and Joel Fitzgerald enjoying arvo sessions with friends Lauren L Hill, Dave Rastovich and others at the Pass.

Chrystal Dawn

Chrystal Fitzgearld and Lauren L Hill photo by Joel Fitzgerald Joel Fitzgerald walking out with a Mystic log Photo by Chrystal Fitzgeraldpassternoon 12      Chrystal Fitzgerald hand in wave by Ming Nomchong Ming_Lauren_ThePass-33The Pass photo by Chrystal Fitzgerald

Joel Fitzgerald surfing the Pass photo by Ming Nomchong  Ming_Lauren_ThePass-26 Joel Fitzgerald hanging five at the Pass photo by Chrystal Fitzgerald CHrystal Fitzgerald photo by Ming Nomchong

Ming_Lauren_ThePass-37 Lauren L Hill Photo by Ming Nomchong Dave Rasta photo by Ming Nomchong passternoon 3 Joel Fitzgerald Bomboar Log photo by Chrystal Fitzgearld Joel Fitzgerald gliding on a Bomboar log Photo by Chrystal Fitzgerald Chrystal Fitzgerald crosstep on a JFS bombora photo by Joel Fitzgerld Chrystal Fitzgerald in the sunset photo by Joel Fitzgerld Sunset at the Pass Photo by Chrystal Fitzgerald

Photos are by Chrystal Dawn, Joel Fitzgerald and Ming Nomchong. Chrystal wears the Seea and rides a 9’0 Bombora log, Joel Fitz rides a 9’2 Mysitc and a 5’9 Sea Gypsy.