Joel Fitz Music Video

Elstow new Music Video featuring Joel Fitzgerald and Chrystal Dawn

Elstow Band
If your following our social media links you may have seen the teaser video we posted for Elstow’s hot new single
Elstow according to Elstow are a five-piece band from Sydney’s Inner West, founded on songwriters Jared Shaw and Chel Browne’s obsession with the melodic pop and psychedelic sounds of the sixties and seventies, as well as the alternative neo-psychedelia of the nineties.
What’s the great news?
This talented band have just released a new single for the upcoming album, on which Joel Fitz and Chrystal Dawn collaborated with, basically Jared did the work we just supplied some video footage which he artfully used to create what we think is an epic music video and even more amazing track.
Joel Fitz Music Video
Chrystal caught up with Jared Shaw- Elstow’s co-founder and here is what he had to say…
How long have Elstow have been together as a band?
We’ve been together since 2012. We formed as a duo to play Peats Ridge Festival, and expanded over the following year to five members before releasing our debut EP As the Sun Falls.
And How did you get your name Elstow?

Jared: It’s actually the name of the house we lived in in Sydney. It was an old Victorian home from the late 1800s turned into apartments.. I’m guessing whoever came over and settled there was from Elstow, in England.
It was where the band was born and we just liked the name 🙂

Can you please tell us a bit about your new Album that you have been working on?
After our EP and single Evil Dreams, we took a break to make a full length album together. I wrote all the songs and reworked some old demos and we got together and jammed them out and then started recording them. There’s a lot of 70s sounds in there and I found inspiration in John Wyndam’s science fiction writings as far as thematic and lyrical content. And so Planets Away has ended up a quasi-concept album. Its all tied together by cosmic imagery, but underneath it all there’s some very personal stuff, just hiding beneath the surface.
And this particular Track ‘For So Long’ how did that come about?
For So Long developed slowly. I had an earlier demo that sounded quite different and it was cool but it was just missing something. Toby (my brother and our lead guitarist) rewrote the bass line, and I changed the structure, and the it just transformed into what it is now. It was only going to be a 4 minute track but the outro sounded so cool I just didn’t want it to stop, so we embraced that and let it become its own fully fledged section. The song touches on the idea of immortality, but I don’t like explaining the lyrics too much – I think its cool that people can find their own meaning in it.
We love your music, it has a very ethereal quality to it and we think surfy vibe, curious are you a surfer?
Yes, my parents owned a beach house down near Bells Beach so I learned on our summer holidays way back when
What is your favorite type of board?
I ride a semi-fish mostly, but my favourite board at the moment is a very fast and loose little twin fish I got off someone down the coast recently. Its super fun – its only 4 foot 9!
Favorite phrase or life motto?
Jared: Let the water do the work.

 To find out more about Jared and Elstow check out these links, and watch the music video below, Joel rides the Space Hawk and Chrystal the Bombora.

Music: by Elstow
Album: Planets Away (due to be released 1st Dec)
Track name: For So Long
Video: Chrystal Dawn and Joel Fitzgerald
Edit: Jared Shaw

*top photo of Elstow, interview by Chrystal Dawn for JFS













Surfing World Camp

Five days left till the Surfing World Camp at Treachery in Seal Rocks on our own Mid North Coast.  If you don’t already know about it, this awesome event will feature live music from The Babe Rainbow and Mylee and the Milkshakes, hangs with your favorite surfboard shapers, including Joel Fitzgerald, sessions experimenting with boards, yoga and meditation workshops, surf coaching, live art, Surfing World crew, a few pros, and heaps of good folk sharing the surfing stoke.

The camp goes down on April 24th– 26th, 2015 and tickets are available now.

We hope you come and be a part of this adventure Joel and Chrystal Fitzgerald will be there with boards for you to try, smiles, and good campfire vibes!


*Photo of Joel Fitz with his hand shaped and glassed quiver in Hawaii, taken by Chrystal Fitzgerald.

Long Weekend Points

Welcome back from the double dose of long weekends and some pretty fun swell. Besides being in the bay and shaping up new single fin crafts, Joel Fitz and Chrystal enjoyed the festivities in the sea.  Here is a sweet look at what we got up to.


Chrystal Dawn

Wave by Chrystal Fitzgerald Wave by Chrystal Fitzgerald Waves by Chrystla Fitzgerald JF 7'10 Midnight Lightning photo by Chrystal Fitzgerald goose over water photo by Chrystal Fitzgerald Joel Fitz setting up photo by Chrystal Fitzgerld JF grab rail photo by Chrystal Fitzgerald JF grab rail2 photo by Chrystal Fitzgerald Sets by Chrystal Fitzgerald JF dropping in photo by Chrystal Fitzgerald JF setting up photo by Chrystal Fitzgerald JF top turn photo by Chrystal Fitzgerald JF bottom turn photo by Chrystal Fitzgerald JF bottom turn2 photo by Chrystal Fitzgerald JF taking the high line photo by Chrystal Fitzgerald JF paddling back out photo by Chrystal Fitzgerald Birds in Migration photo by Chrystal Fitzgerald Joel Fizt photo by Chrystal JF Turning back in Photo by Chrystal Fitzgerald Chrystal Fizt and the 7'7 photo by Joel Fitzgerald Chrystal Fizt and the 7'7 photo by Joel FitzgeraldChrystal Fizt and the 7'7 photo by Joel Fitzgerald Open Lineup photo by Chrystal Fitzgerald

*Photos copyrighted by Chrystal Dawn and Joel Fitzgerald, Chrystal wears the Seea San O’ suit and rides 7’7 Single Fin, Joel wears Patagonia and Tiki and rides 7’10 Midnight Lightning all boards pictured are available for custom order.


Around these parts an afternoon at the local loggin point break in Byron Bay is referred to as a ‘Passternoon’.  The Pass gets crowded anytime and nearly all the time but its always a laugh. If your lucky you can get a wave straight to the beach, now that’s saying something as the Pass is nearly a kilometer long! The Bomboar and the Mystic are epic craft for the Pass. Here is a snap shot of  Chrystal and Joel Fitzgerald enjoying arvo sessions with friends Lauren L Hill, Dave Rastovich and others at the Pass.

Chrystal Dawn

Chrystal Fitzgearld and Lauren L Hill photo by Joel Fitzgerald Joel Fitzgerald walking out with a Mystic log Photo by Chrystal Fitzgeraldpassternoon 12      Chrystal Fitzgerald hand in wave by Ming Nomchong Ming_Lauren_ThePass-33The Pass photo by Chrystal Fitzgerald

Joel Fitzgerald surfing the Pass photo by Ming Nomchong  Ming_Lauren_ThePass-26 Joel Fitzgerald hanging five at the Pass photo by Chrystal Fitzgerald CHrystal Fitzgerald photo by Ming Nomchong

Ming_Lauren_ThePass-37 Lauren L Hill Photo by Ming Nomchong Dave Rasta photo by Ming Nomchong passternoon 3 Joel Fitzgerald Bomboar Log photo by Chrystal Fitzgearld Joel Fitzgerald gliding on a Bomboar log Photo by Chrystal Fitzgerald Chrystal Fitzgerald crosstep on a JFS bombora photo by Joel Fitzgerld Chrystal Fitzgerald in the sunset photo by Joel Fitzgerld Sunset at the Pass Photo by Chrystal Fitzgerald

Photos are by Chrystal Dawn, Joel Fitzgerald and Ming Nomchong. Chrystal wears the Seea and rides a 9’0 Bombora log, Joel Fitz rides a 9’2 Mysitc and a 5’9 Sea Gypsy.

JF surfboards now in the Sugarmill

Sugarmill Fine Surf Emporium

Joel Fitz Surboards are now being sold at the super rad Sugarmill Fine Surf Emporium in Narrabeen, get down there to check them out in the real. I stopped in at the Mill the other day to drop off some boards an catch up with Chris Chong an Dave Howell of Misfit Shapes. We chatted an stuff, it was awesome.

colorful views of JF boards from the new top deck of the Sugarmill

the Mill serves coffee too, all profits go to Misfit Aid

Dave an Chis checkin my gun out at the Sugarmill bay

I will be shaping down there next week Saturday Oct 23rd,  from 10-4 as well if you want to swing by an say aloha or just have a gander.

lazy sunday

This weekend we took it easy an stayed close to home. A little bump came up on Sunday an gave me the opportunity to take out my new psychedelic Fish!