Not all boards are created the same, the  ML:42 is such a case. Created after a trip to inner limits of pure bliss and extra ordinary fun, shape shifter Joel Fitzgerald has come up with another unique craft built for your gliding pleasure. At 7’7 the ML:42 Mid Length singlefin, is the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe, and every wave in between.

Now as you savvy board riders already know life in the universe is not always sunny and bright, but we don’t get down and bitter about how small the waves are, and how it always rains on the weekends, why we didn’t get a closer park, and have to wear crazy rubber suits, we just get on with things, pull on our wetties, wax up and get in.

Se La Vie, such is life. Whether its sunny and pumping or gray and small the universe goes on and so does JF. I think he’s figured something out because he’s always in a good mood lately and takes that ML:42 with him everywhere, it never leaves his sight. Well if I had the answer to the universe I would hang on to it too!

Here are a few pics of JF on a less then perfect day enjoying the benefits of being content with life no matter the circumstances or conditions. To enjoy this kind of inner peace and get though the inbetweeness of the short and the long check out the new ML:42


Chrystal Dawn

ML42_lennox sml 1  ML42_lennox sml 4 ML42_lennox sml 9 ML42_lennox sml 10 ML42_lennox sml 12 ML42_lennox sml 5 ML42_lennox sml 6 ML42_lennox sml 7 ML42_lennox sml 8 ML42_lennox sml 2  Joel Fitz bottom turn on the ML;42 ML42_lennox sml 11 ML42_lennox sml 13

*all photos are taken and copyright by Chrystal Dawn

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