1968 Log


$1,495 AUD



9’2 X 23 X 2 ¾

Shape: 1968 Log
Nose: Rolled Vee
Tail: Slight Vee
Tail Shape: Square Tail
Rail: 50- 50
Fins: Single 1
*fins not included in price

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The 1968 log is designed for nose riding and enjoying the ride. Inspired by traditional old mals from the late 60’s, and with design help form exceptional surfer, water man Mr. Brett Caller. The 1968 is a perfect Summer board, ideal for all all you single fin lovers who enjoy smooth glides, trims and and nose rides.

Price quoted for this board includes a Single color resin tint, added Resin Tints, fabric inlays and Volan glass come with additional costs. Made to order for your boarding adventures!

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